(Left: note that the film's title spreads over four cards - "Castor", "and" "Pollux", and "a tale of two spiritual brothers") Trove, here, provides this brief synopsis: Controversial examinatio... read more

After a fight with other inmates, Carrie (Kim Krejus) and Jeannie (Sonia Peat) escape from a girl's reformatory, and meet Serge (Sergio Frazzetto) and Tim (Ian Gilmour), country boys looking for work ... read more

magic pudding

The UK DVD release pitches the film as “The epic tale of one girl’s struggle into womanhood” on the front cover and on the back offers a short synopsis: ‘Emma’s War&rsqu... read more

Len's (Bryan Brown) marriage is failing. He's a storeman in Newcastle, bad-tempered, with bad teeth, and in ill-health. He wants to return to his wife Barbara (Kris McQuade) who has fled to Sydney to... read more

The Office Picnic satirises life in a public service office, along with a surrealistic touch as the bureaucrats head off to a bush oval. After observing the workers going about their official busines... read more

The film is based on the successful Jack Hibberd play featuring a wedding reception in the Victorian country town of Dimboola. In the play, the cast interact with the audience, who act as invited gues... read more

(Note: this synopsis and listing contains spoilers) An end of the world film, in which a foursome meet up and wait for the end - Sam (Tyler Coppin), a young American sailor who jumps ship in Sydney, ... read more

John Duigan, later to become a significant feature film director, stars as the disorganised, rebellious and idealistic editor of Bolo, a magazine with a limited circulation, and a limited future as cr... read more

A look over twenty four hours at four assorted drug addicts, played by Garrie Waddell (Lou), John Laurie (John), Ann Heatherington (Sandy) and Carol Porter (Gerry) "careering about the dark places of ... read more

After nurturing him as a chick, young 'Storm Boy' (Greg Rowe) forms a friendship with a wild pelican, Mr. Percival, while living with his grumpy, radio- and modern world-hating father Hide-Away Tom (P... read more

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