A 2KA radio jingle, and an early morning radio voice tell us we're in Blacktown, heart of the west, and happy to be there … A sinister, gloved, leather-booted man drives up in a Jaguar to a fi... read more

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Warners, who used Roadshow Distributors to handle the domestic release, put out a press sheet with this synopsis: It is 1965 in rural Australia. Danny Embling (whom we first met in “The Year My... read more

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(Note: this listing contains spoilers) The VHS slick synopsis: An epic tale set in the rugged Snowy Mountains. When former cattleman Ben Lomax discovers his racehorse "High Plains" has been leased t... read more

The Australian VHS slick had this pitch: From the heart of Rock 'n' Roll comes a story that will touch your soul ... And this short synopsis: 'High Tide' is a bitter sweet story of love lost and f... read more

magic pudding

(Note: this listing contains spoilers). The pitch on the Roadshow DVD release: The Year My Voice Broke is set in the summer of 1962 in a remote New South Wales country town. Adopted as a baby, sixte... read more

magic pudding

The domestic VHS release of the film tempted viewers on the front cover with: “Saturated with sleet, carpeted with snow, and blanketed in mist simply surviving is a triumph, starring Chris Haywa... read more

The original domestic VHS release went with “He wants the key to her heart. They want the key to his car!” and “The smash hit comedy from the makers of Malcolm” on the front co... read more

An armoured payroll truck owned by Darcy's Security Services is knocked over, but the robbers are double crossed and killed by a hit man (Terry Camilleri) on the orders of crime boss Jack Henderson (C... read more

Director John Lamond had the simple idea of doing a straight rip of the film Mondo Cane, which presented a look at the weird, wonderful and way-out things around the world, by doing the same to the la... read more

The original domestic synopsis released by Roadshow to the press, with a few cast names added. It contains spoilers: Many years have passed and we now find Max (Mel Gibson) wandering across the deser... read more

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