(Note: this listing contains spoilers and the film is a noir thriller that relies on plot twists. The listing also features M-rated adult concepts and language). The US VHS slick pitched the film on ... read more

Warners, who used Roadshow Distributors to handle the domestic release, put out a press sheet with this synopsis: It is 1965 in rural Australia. Danny Embling (whom we first met in “The Year My... read more

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Daniel 'Mad Dog' Morgan - the film added the sobriquet "dog" - was a bushranger who roamed the Riverina and northern Victoria during the gold rush days of the eighteen sixties. The original bushrange... read more

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The Roadshow DVD slick relied on the film's original publicity for its copy: A ridiculously grave marital comedy, and There is no REST for the eternally sexed!! The back page splashed this: "Whe... read more

The US VHS release pitched the film on the front cover as “An offbeat, unpredictable comedy,” backed up by a quote from “Siskel & Ebert”: “A real winner, a true surpr... read more

(Left: Lorna Lesley with Martin Vaughan in Just Out of Reach) Loosely based on writer director Linda Blagg's own experiences, the story concerns a young woman Cathy (Lorna Lesley), who attempts suici... read more

Judy Davis stars as Sybylla Melvyn, the headstrong eldest daughter of an impoverished New South Wales farming family, dreaming of a writing career while her drought-destroyed father (Alan Hopgood) and... read more

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(Note: this listing contains spoilers). The pitch on the Roadshow DVD release: The Year My Voice Broke is set in the summer of 1962 in a remote New South Wales country town. Adopted as a baby, sixte... read more

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The original domestic VHS release went with “He wants the key to her heart. They want the key to his car!” and “The smash hit comedy from the makers of Malcolm” on the front co... read more

The Roadshow DVD release went with “Lust on Saturday, lies on Sunday … a sexy comedy about staying together… at least until Monday!” on the front cover. On the rear cover, a... read more

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