(Note: this listing and synopsis contains spoilers). Grandad Jake Cullen (Bill Kerr) lives on a remote outback homestead with babe in arms Scotty, when a gigantic razorback pig tears through the home... read more

magic pudding

(Note: this listing contains spoilers. Anyone wishing to see Des's vision splendid of the Great Australian Barbecue in its proper context should watch the movie first, and until then avoid this site's... read more

(Note: this listing contains spoilers) The Applause Australian VHS slick pitched the film on the front cover as “A hilarious mid-life comedy” and on the back cover the line was “Lif... read more

The UK DVD release pitches the film as “The epic tale of one girl’s struggle into womanhood” on the front cover and on the back offers a short synopsis: ‘Emma’s War&rsqu... read more

(Note: this synopsis and this listing contains spoilers) As Michael Stacey (Ray Barrett) walks along a Gold Coast beach towards the room in his landlady's (Carole Skinner), his voice over sets the sc... read more

After an illegal car race in a Sydney street goes wrong, a Holden Monaro flames out, and the bystanders scuttle away as the cops arrive. The evil Fox (Richard Moir) has had another win, though he can... read more

The front of the First Release domestic VHS slick offered: A comedy about women, their men, adultery, attempted murder and money … pretty much the fabric of life! (This was a shortening of th... read more

golden chook

The domestic Warners VHS release, using the Australian title of Evil Angels, started on the rear of the slick with Gene Shalit from "Today"/NBC-TV: "A gripping movie that doesn't let go!" and provided... read more

The original Thorn EMI VHS release pitched on the front of the slick “For both of them, life had become a habit - until they met”, and “An acclaimed award-winning team of artists com... read more

magic pudding

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