When Marilyn Carter (Jacki Weaver), at the urging of her sister Kate (Kate Fitzpatrick), goes to the cops to report that her husband Kenny (Martin Harris) has beaten her, the police arrange for a remo... read more

Sydney, Australia, 1836. Buxom girl (Abigail) is in bed with caddish, womanising Captain Rory McBryde (John Castle), to the consternation of Martin Cameron (Gerard Kennedy) and that means trouble mu... read more

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Daniel 'Mad Dog' Morgan - the film added the sobriquet "dog" - was a bushranger who roamed the Riverina and northern Victoria during the gold rush days of the eighteen sixties. The original bushrange... read more

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Darren (David Argue) works at a Melbourne ice rink as the driver of an ice resurfacing machine. When he answers correctly in a radio competition, he wins a car and a trip to the Victorian snow field o... read more

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(Left: Lorna Lesley with Martin Vaughan in Just Out of Reach) Loosely based on writer director Linda Blagg's own experiences, the story concerns a young woman Cathy (Lorna Lesley), who attempts suici... read more

An opening title announces The Blue Mountains, Sunday, December 19th, over a panning shot of the mountains, but fails to note the year. (There was a Sunday 19th December in 1982. Perhaps the film is t... read more

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(Note: this synopsis and listing contains spoilers) Over the opening titles, a Minyaka Weekly poster tells viewers that the town is now in its 187th day without rain, and the  council has water ... read more

(Note: this listing contains spoilers). The pitch on the VHS slick: The story of Connie and Lex, a city-bred couple, who have moved on to a neglected farm with their three-year old son Nicholas. Li... read more

Larry (Glenn Mason), Warren (Chris Haywood) and Tony (George Spartels) are three friends living the industrialised western suburbs of Sydney, bored by their lives and the kind of work available to the... read more

A psychotic prison escapee, Elliot (Gerard Kennedy) has talked another criminal David (Vince Martin) into kidnapping a baby and holding it for a $500,000 ransom. When the parents, a rich businessman ... read more

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