Depending on viewer generosity and tolerance, Crosstalk is a rip off of, or a homage to, Alfred Hitchock's Rear Window. Computer expert Ed Ballinger (Gary Day) is out in a rural retreat with his... read more

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Laura Tweedle Rambotham (Susannah Fowle) is an intelligent, wilful, eccentric and strong-willed girl country girl despatched to an exclusive Melbourne boarding school. Laura finds it difficult to co... read more

An opening title announces The Blue Mountains, Sunday, December 19th, over a panning shot of the mountains, but fails to note the year. (There was a Sunday 19th December in 1982. Perhaps the film is t... read more

golden chook

The very dotty front cover of the domestic VHS slick pitched “with music by Paul Kelly, Ganga Gang (sic), The Stetsons", and over a photo of Jo Kennedy “Are you for real … she said!... read more

The original Thorn EMI VHS release pitched on the front of the slick “For both of them, life had become a habit - until they met”, and “An acclaimed award-winning team of artists com... read more

magic pudding

(Note: this listing and synopsis contains spoilers). Guadalcanal. As head titles pop up, a US Marine sergeant, Rebel (aka Harry) (Matt Dillon), appears in a theatrically staged montage of bitter figh... read more

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Inspired by the true story of Carl Synnerdahl, a notorious Australian criminal and bank robber, the film tells the story of how larrikin rogue Martin Stang (John Hargreaves) manages to fool lawyers, c... read more

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