Based on a real story, Cathy (Michele Fawdon) is a Maltese national, married to an Australian Greek. Cathy approaches Sydney newspapermen Dick Wordley (Alan Cassell) and The Sun's Hot Line editor Pa... read more

A 747 Jetliner takes off from an international airport and within minutes it is inexplicably threatening the lives of hundreds on board and thousands on the ground, as it falls out of the sky ...&nbsp... read more

golden chook

The pitch on the slick for the first domestic VHS Roadshow release: Everything is worth sacrificing … for love alone. The time - the early 1930s. The woman - Teresa Hawkins, 20. Her occupat... read more

The CEL VHS release promoted the film as being “From the director of ‘Careful, He Might Hear You'’’, with the logline A Journey into love, tears and laughter, and on the back p... read more

California, April 1932.  Perry Stables, Menlo Park, California. Strapper turned trainer Tommy Woodcock (Tom Burlinson), with the help of his mate 'Cashy' Martin (Richard Morgan), goes about the ... read more

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The Australian VHS slick had this pitch: From the heart of Rock 'n' Roll comes a story that will touch your soul ... And this short synopsis: 'High Tide' is a bitter sweet story of love lost and f... read more

magic pudding

The domestic VHS slick asked front top, “Did she fall or was she pushed”, while suggesting Georgia was a “Stylish Mystery Thriller Nominated for 8 A.F.I. Awards,” and on the ba... read more

Pat Quid (Stacy Keach) is a truckie who pulls his 16 wheel rig up outside a motel in Melbourne, in search for a room for the night, only to be irritated by a van driver who has picked up an attractive... read more

Judy Davis stars as Sybylla Melvyn, the headstrong eldest daughter of an impoverished New South Wales farming family, dreaming of a writing career while her drought-destroyed father (Alan Hopgood) and... read more

magic pudding

A smug, odious property developer turned politician, Laurie Fletcher (John Gregg) hosts a victory dinner party at which an abundance of good food, wine and cigars will be served during the course of t... read more

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