A Film Australia documentary about the Australian Performing Group, and their residency at the Pram Factory in Carlton, Melbourne during the 1970s ... The film begins by looking at the conventional t... read more

The film starts out as a homage to the thriller genre with a violent ex-cop (Peter Whittle) on a search for his missing partner, but when he runs into an anarchist drug pusher Plastic Man (Peter Cummi... read more

Warners, who used Roadshow Distributors to handle the domestic release, put out a press sheet with this synopsis: It is 1965 in rural Australia. Danny Embling (whom we first met in “The Year My... read more

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After a fight with other inmates, Carrie (Kim Krejus) and Jeannie (Sonia Peat) escape from a girl's reformatory, and meet Serge (Sergio Frazzetto) and Tim (Ian Gilmour), country boys looking for work ... read more

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The Philippines and Manila during the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos, though the film never explicitly identifies the location. Journalist Peter Reeves (John Bell) and his wife Jo (Helen Morse) ar... read more

The Australian VHS slick had this pitch: From the heart of Rock 'n' Roll comes a story that will touch your soul ... And this short synopsis: 'High Tide' is a bitter sweet story of love lost and f... read more

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The film is based on the successful Jack Hibberd play featuring a wedding reception in the Victorian country town of Dimboola. In the play, the cast interact with the audience, who act as invited gues... read more

(Note: this synopsis and listing contains spoilers) An end of the world film, in which a foursome meet up and wait for the end - Sam (Tyler Coppin), a young American sailor who jumps ship in Sydney, ... read more

Gerald Baxter (Peter Cummins) is a middle-aged businessman starting a job for a company known as the Firm. His supervisor, Representative 306 (Don Gunner) is obsessed with his vegetable garden, his ... read more

(Note: this listing contains spoilers). The pitch on the Roadshow DVD release: The Year My Voice Broke is set in the summer of 1962 in a remote New South Wales country town. Adopted as a baby, sixte... read more

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