(Note: this listing contains spoilers and some of the coarse language used in the film). The nineteenth century. Station hand Harry Walford (Paul Goddard) helps bring a prize bull from Roma railway s... read more

The Beyond press kit synopsis for the film, with spoilers and with cast details added: Cassandra (Tessa Humphries), a beautiful young girl in her late teens, is haunted by visions of her past. Her ho... read more

(Note: this synopsis and listing contains spoilers) Industrialist and brewer Wardle (Michael Pate) opens the show by shooting at a wild duck with a shotgun, and damning his eyes for getting worse bec... read more

golden chook

Warners, who used Roadshow Distributors to handle the domestic release, put out a press sheet with this synopsis: It is 1965 in rural Australia. Danny Embling (whom we first met in “The Year My... read more

magic pudding

(Note: this synopsis and listing contains many spoilers) Harry Joy (Barry Otto) is a middle-aged advertising executive who starts the film by recalling to his family and friends the story of his fath... read more

magic pudding

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