The pitch on the slick for the first domestic VHS Roadshow release: Everything is worth sacrificing … for love alone. The time - the early 1930s. The woman - Teresa Hawkins, 20. Her occupat... read more

The CEL VHS release promoted the film as being “From the director of ‘Careful, He Might Hear You'’’, with the logline A Journey into love, tears and laughter, and on the back p... read more

The Philippines and Manila during the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos, though the film never explicitly identifies the location. Journalist Peter Reeves (John Bell) and his wife Jo (Helen Morse) ar... read more

Though it was only half-heartedly admitted at the time - an end title makes reference to Attica as well as to Bathurst - Stir was based on the prison riot in Bathurst gaol in New South Wales on 3... read more

magic pudding

Len's (Bryan Brown) marriage is failing. He's a storeman in Newcastle, bad-tempered, with bad teeth, and in ill-health. He wants to return to his wife Barbara (Kris McQuade) who has fled to Sydney to... read more

The US VHS release of Minnamurra - as Wrangler - led on the cover with a quote from Variety: “Spectacular … Visually Sumptuous And Filled With Intriguing Characters”, and on the rea... read more

The original Thorn EMI VHS release pitched on the front of the slick “For both of them, life had become a habit - until they met”, and “An acclaimed award-winning team of artists com... read more

magic pudding

(Note: this listing contains spoilers throughout). Some disc and tape slicks went with the logline “A time for dreams … A time for choices … A time that would never come again. Th... read more

An observational documentary which looked at Sydney's first community Aboriginal radio station, Radio Redfern. The official pitch for the film ran something like this: Set against the backdrop of con... read more

(Note: this synopsis and listing contains spoilers).  A country showground in Queensland in the 1950s. Tommy Martin (John Jarratt) is in the ring in Jim Sharman's boxing tent, going at it with ... read more

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