Undercover cop Stone (Ken Shorter) is ordered to investigate the violent murder of several members of a motorcycle gang, the Grave Diggers. But when he turns up in the bikie pub to order a beer and l... read more

Nino Culotta (Walter Chiari), an Italian journalist, arrives in Sydney and after finding things aren't as expected or hoped for at his sports magazine, gets a job as a builder's labourer and immediate... read more

The flashpoint of the title refers to the imbalance between men and women - fifty to one - in a mining town in the north west of Western Australia. David (Serge Lazareff) arrives in town and befriend... read more

Warners, who used Roadshow Distributors to handle the domestic release, put out a press sheet with this synopsis: It is 1965 in rural Australia. Danny Embling (whom we first met in “The Year My... read more

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Set in the 1920s in the fictional town of Barambogie, this childrens' outdoors adventure picture was the first Disney feature film shot in Australia. Two children contend for ownership of a pony, one... read more

The tale's narrated by live-action figure Old Grandpa, played by Rolf Harris, who comments on and sometimes joins in the action, starting with an opening sequence in a showground which features a perf... read more

Gary Bond plays John Grant, a bonded teacher forced to go to a one teacher school in the middle of nowhere. With school holidays arriving, he's looking forward to returning to Sydney, the beach and ... read more

magic pudding

Number 96 begins with the rape of Vera (Elaine Lee) by bikies after her car runs out of petrol on an empty road. It concludes with a gay sex scene, a woman being driven mad by her husband, with his g... read more

On February 27th 1977 Swedish pop group ABBA turned up down under to deliver some eleven concerts in the cities of Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne, to a total audience reckoned to be some 145,00... read more

Brother George (Walter Chiari) knows how to create a famous liqueur using a secret formula. He's the sole guardian of the recipe for Liquore D'Oro, and to escape commercial pressure to reveal its secr... read more

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