Based on a real story, Cathy (Michele Fawdon) is a Maltese national, married to an Australian Greek. Cathy approaches Sydney newspapermen Dick Wordley (Alan Cassell) and The Sun's Hot Line editor Pa... read more

Queensland in the 1920s. Hard-drinking Irish teamster Paddy Doolan (Michael Craig) is reluctant to admit his Clydesdale team is being made redundant by the fancy new timber trucks run by the likes o... read more

golden chook

(Note: the original Australian title for the film on the left is taken from the VHS release, and this listing contains spoilers). The VHS slick for Roadshow’s domestic release shows uncertainty... read more

1930s small town Australia (the police uniforms suggest NSW though the film was shot in South Australia).  The prime suspect in a murder case, The Pole, (Mark Gawenda) disappears, and a manhunt ... read more

The pitch for the film: Paul was looking for work... Joe was looking for drugs ... Leilani was looking for good times ... Larry was looking for Leilani. They all ended up in ... Palm Beach ... ... read more

magic pudding

P. J. (Angelo D'Angelo) and Goose (James Lugton) are a couple of BMX devotees hanging loose on Sydney's north shore. But unknown to them, their wheels will soon cross paths with a gang of bank robber... read more

magic pudding

(Note: this synopsis and listing contains many spoilers) Harry Joy (Barry Otto) is a middle-aged advertising executive who starts the film by recalling to his family and friends the story of his fath... read more

magic pudding

The Philippines and Manila during the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos, though the film never explicitly identifies the location. Journalist Peter Reeves (John Bell) and his wife Jo (Helen Morse) ar... read more

Though it was only half-heartedly admitted at the time - an end title makes reference to Attica as well as to Bathurst - Stir was based on the prison riot in Bathurst gaol in New South Wales on 3... read more

magic pudding

Len's (Bryan Brown) marriage is failing. He's a storeman in Newcastle, bad-tempered, with bad teeth, and in ill-health. He wants to return to his wife Barbara (Kris McQuade) who has fled to Sydney to... read more

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