Gino Condello (Vince Colosimo) is an Italian Australian high school student in the inner suburb of Fitzroy in Melbourne. Gino's best mate is the hyperactive class clown Renato (Maurice Devincentis) a... read more

magic pudding

P. J. (Angelo D'Angelo) and Goose (James Lugton) are a couple of BMX devotees hanging loose on Sydney's north shore. But unknown to them, their wheels will soon cross paths with a gang of bank robber... read more

magic pudding

This is a record of a stage performance of the popular play by Jack Hibberd about a wedding reception in the Victorian country town of Dimboola. In the theatrical version, audience interaction is enc... read more

The film is based on the successful Jack Hibberd play featuring a wedding reception in the Victorian country town of Dimboola. In the play, the cast interact with the audience, who act as invited gues... read more

Gerald Baxter (Peter Cummins) is a middle-aged businessman starting a job for a company known as the Firm. His supervisor, Representative 306 (Don Gunner) is obsessed with his vegetable garden, his ... read more

The domestic VHS release pitched the film as the winner of two Australian film awards, including Nadine Garner for best actress, and the tag “She had everyone’s growing up to do but her ow... read more

The domestic Warners VHS release, using the Australian title of Evil Angels, started on the rear of the slick with Gene Shalit from "Today"/NBC-TV: "A gripping movie that doesn't let go!" and provided... read more

Macarthy (John Jarratt) is a country town football champ who is kidnapped in a neon-lit "Swans" helicopter by the tyrannical Colonel Ball-Miller (Barry Humphries), tycoon president of the South Melbou... read more

golden chook

A look over twenty four hours at four assorted drug addicts, played by Garrie Waddell (Lou), John Laurie (John), Ann Heatherington (Sandy) and Carol Porter (Gerry) "careering about the dark places of ... read more

A student teacher, Mark (Steve J. Spears) doesn't accept the teaching methods to be found in a traditional school situation, or the way the principal Ted 'Seedy' Yates (Ken Goodlet) runs the show (fan... read more

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