An early example of a drama with documentary elements, or vice versa, and in the Australian version, a dramadoc where Ken G. Hall and his First National Pictures boss John C. Jones used a "waste not w... read more

Corin Redgrave plays Doctor Edward Trenbow at four points in his career. He starts as a well-meaning but blundering army doctor treating shell-shocked soldiers from the fields of Flanders in 1918. Th... read more

(left: the title used in the film's trailer - the film's main title is over black, with the barest hints of figures at Gallipoli. It's dull, which helps explain why the trailer-makers took a later sho... read more

Set in the A.I.F. in France in 1918, and building up to the Battle of Bullecourt (see the AWM here and here, and a wiki here), the story revolves around two Australian cobbers, Chic Williams (Pat Hann... read more

A second serving of sketches from Pat Hanna's vaudeville-derived theatrical show Pat Hanna's Diggers, first featured on film in Diggers (1931), and once again recycling the sketch about diggers Chic W... read more

Three mates in the Australian light horse experience the war in Palestine. Here's one plot summary: "One of the trio had gone to the war for excitement; another because he thought he had killed a man... read more

The film celebrates the dash and derring do of three Anzacs in the Light Horse Brigade in the Sinai and Palestine campaigns during the first World War. The story opens with cruel German troops hangin... read more

magic pudding

Title: Western Australia, May, 1915. Stockman Archy Hamiltion (Mark Lee) is in training, driving himself so hard that his feet become a festering mess, in a bid to emulate his idol Harry Lasalle, wor... read more

magic pudding

(Note: this listing contains spoilers). Horses being mustered by whip-cracking riders in the high country of Victoria inspires young Dave (Peter Phelps) to improve his skills as a horseman, in order ... read more

(Note: this listing contains spoilers for anyone unaware of Smithy's history). A biopic about Australian aviator Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith (Ron Randell), following him from his first world war expe... read more

The Killing of Angel Street