The film begins by showing a derelict house surrounded by modern buildings. While various subversive texts are read aloud on the soundtrack, the images show a clock being linked to explosives, a smok... read more

Daisy (Jan Adele) is a free-wheeling, foul-mouthed old widow who lives in isolation on a remote rural property in Western Australia. Simon (Sean Scully) is a chartered accountant on the run, and when... read more

The flashpoint of the title refers to the imbalance between men and women - fifty to one - in a mining town in the north west of Western Australia. David (Serge Lazareff) arrives in town and befriend... read more

(Note: this listing and synopsis contains spoilers). When she's in a public phone box calling  Telecom to sort out her phone being cut off, Fran (Noni Hazlehurst) is harassed by a man driving a ... read more

(Note: this synopsis and listing contains spoilers). A leading politician in an unspecified government in an unspecified country disappears in the surf, despite watchful security. This opening is a r... read more

A bank manager, Frank Newman (Ken Goodlet) commits suicide after attending a decadent Roman toga party - it happened all the time in the old days in Perth - and getting caught up in a media pornograph... read more

This is the synopsis used by sales agent Southern Star for the film (cast names have been added): We are in Mirribilli, a nickel-mining town in Western Australia. Meg Blake (Googie Withers), owner of... read more

golden chook

The film observes the working of pearl gatherers in the seas around Broome, a remote Australian town in the north west of Western Australia. The pearlers worked the seas from March to December, headi... read more

A slapstick sex comedy, in which a blonde from the Pussycat Escort Agency is stalked and ogled by a comic private detective named Plugg (Peter Thompson). The excuse is that the private dick has been ... read more

golden chook

The film is set in Fremantle, Western Australia, in 1987, with the staging of the America's Cup coinciding with protests against a visit by American nuclear-powered warships - a movement whi... read more

The Little Convict