A documentary about five people caught up in the Vietnamese war: three Australian soldiers, including an Aboriginal Australian, a Kampuchean man and a Vietnamese woman who ends up marrying one of the ... read more

1901, Pietersburg, Transvaal. Lt. Harry 'Breaker' Morant (Edward Woodward) and two other officers of the Bushveldt Carbineers, Lt. Peter Handcock (Bryan Brown), and Lt. George Whitton (Lewis Fitz-Ge... read more

magic pudding

Based on his detailed work Vietnam The Australian War, historian Paul Ham presents his view of the Vietnam war, focussing on the different approaches to the fighting and counter-insurgency tactics on ... read more

After title cards tell us it's the 10th January 1945, and we're in the "Straits of Sembalang, south west Pacific",  we see five hooded soldiers leave a submarine and paddle to shore in kayaks. I... read more

golden chook

A documentary film about the trial and execution of Australian soldiers Lt. Harry "the Breaker" Morant, and Lt. P.J. Handcock, arising from their murder of Boer prisoners and a German missionary durin... read more

(Note: this listing contains spoilers throughout). Some disc and tape slicks went with the logline “A time for dreams … A time for choices … A time that would never come again. Th... read more

The Screen Australia synopsis for the dramatised documentary: In 1951, following a rout of the South Korean army, the Chinese People’s Volunteer Army pursued their enemy to the lines of Austral... read more

The story of the battle of Long Tan, the most significant encounter between Australian and Viet Cong forces in the Vietnam war ... read more

Cynical Harry (Graham Kennedy) leads a small group of the Special Air Services Regiment, 22 Patrol. The team includes John Jarratt as Bill (first seen at film's opening at his birthday/farewell part... read more

Bush Christmas (1947)