(Note: this film contains R-rated film adult language, concepts and pictures, which are referenced on this site. This listing also contains detailed spoilers). The Umbrella collector’s edition ... read more

The film won prizes at both the Melbourne International and Sydney Film Festivals in 1989, and MIFF described the film this way here: In the fine Australian tradition of Love Letters From Teralba Roa... read more

Ayers rock. Undercover cops track a drug deal between a Hong Kong drug courier (Sammo Hung) and a bagman (stuntman Ian Jamieson). Cut to Hong Kong where Australian journalist Caroline Thorne (Rosalin... read more

Tony Petersen (Jack Thompson) is an electrician and former VFL football star. Rebelling against the suburban values around him, he enrols in an arts course at university, and quickly adapts to the ne... read more

The 20•20 Vision VHS release used the pitch “If society won’t punish the guilty, he will,” along with a short synopsis: Frank Castle (Dolph Lundgren) is The Punisher. Ex-cop tu... read more

When Marilyn Carter (Jacki Weaver), at the urging of her sister Kate (Kate Fitzpatrick), goes to the cops to report that her husband Kenny (Martin Harris) has beaten her, the police arrange for a remo... read more

The original Columbia-Tristar-Hoyts VHS release offered the tag line "She rode into the heart of a sexual battleground ... a town with a secret SHAME", and "The most powerful movie this year!" on the ... read more

Though it was only half-heartedly admitted at the time - an end title makes reference to Attica as well as to Bathurst - Stir was based on the prison riot in Bathurst gaol in New South Wales on 3... read more

magic pudding

Barry McKenzie Holds His Own
This might have been taken as a joke but it's another part of the film's documentary strength