Barney O'Hara (Will Mahoney) and his young daughter Pat (Jean Hatton) tour the carnival circuit with a side show act, but when Pat is asked to sing at a party being given by a wealthy land-owner, her ... read more

Dad Rudd (Bert Bailey) inherits a women's fashion store in the city, and the family (including Connie Martyn as mum, Fred MacDonald as Dave, Shirley Ann Richards as Jill) moves to town to take charge ... read more

Dad Rudd (Bert Bailey) knows that the small farmers in his district need improvements to the dam that's vital to their welfare, but a wealthy grazier, Henry Webster (Frank Harvey), uses his influence ... read more

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Set in the A.I.F. in France in 1918, and building up to the Battle of Bullecourt (see the AWM here and here, and a wiki here), the story revolves around two Australian cobbers, Chic Williams (Pat Hann... read more

A second serving of sketches from Pat Hanna's vaudeville-derived theatrical show Pat Hanna's Diggers, first featured on film in Diggers (1931), and once again recycling the sketch about diggers Chic W... read more

A compilation of short films and clips predominantly from the period 1931-32 from F. W. Thring's Efftee Film Productions, prepared by the National Film and Sound Archive and released on VHS in 1989. ... read more

George (George Wallace) is an inept, disaster-prone attendant at the zoo, prone to monkeying around with the gorilla and playing with the elephant. While monkeying around with chemicals, he accident... read more

The first sequel to the original box office hit On Our Selection, Grandad Rudd drops in on the Rudd family, headed by patriarch Dad Rudd (Bert Bailey), much later in life, with the family now prospero... read more

After joining the police force, Constable Dreadnought (George Wallace) is assigned to patrol Harmony Row, haunt of thugs, criminals and ne'er do wells. On the beat, the constable makes friends with M... read more

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Stagehand Tommy Dodds (George Wallace) is knocked out, and dreams he has been made King of Betonia. Being true blue and dinky di, Tommy upsets the court by gambling with the footmen, and teaching his... read more

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