In the pre-credits sequence, unwise sixteen year old Alison Findlay (Joanne Samuel) makes the mistake of playing with an ouija board, with a couple of friends, Chrissie (Margie McCrae) and Maureen (Ju... read more

Noel Ferrier is the manager of a Queensland island resort, while Number 96's Johnny Lockwood is an eccentric priest with a nude "mum" tattoed on his belly who turns out to be a thief. Stuart "Waggers... read more

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The producer company's logline for the telemovie: Join Blinky Bill and his friends as they celebrate the magic of a traditional European White Christmas in the Australian Bush. Extraordinary! The pr... read more

The domestic Home Cinema Group VHS release had EXTORTION! emblazoned top right hand side of the slick, along with this pitch “The first phone call created a full-scale emergency. The second spar... read more

A smug, odious property developer turned politician, Laurie Fletcher (John Gregg) hosts a victory dinner party at which an abundance of good food, wine and cigars will be served during the course of t... read more

(Note: this synopsis and listing contains spoilers) Over the opening titles, a Minyaka Weekly poster tells viewers that the town is now in its 187th day without rain, and the  council has water ... read more

The Hemdale US VHS pitched the film as An Adventurous New Vision of Dicken's (sic) Unforgettable Classic! and provided this synopsis for the telemovie version: The Unforgettable characters of Charles... read more

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The Middle East, Palestine, 1947. Two terrorists plant mines in a vineyard, which kill an Israeli settler. As publicity for the show noted, the opening scenes are "a world away from present-day Aust... read more

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(Note: this listing contains spoilers) The VHS slick synopsis: An epic tale set in the rugged Snowy Mountains. When former cattleman Ben Lomax discovers his racehorse "High Plains" has been leased t... read more

(This listing contains many spoilers). The UK DVD release of this telemovie episode of Inspector Morse pushed the "award-winning ITV series" ... 'You don't watch Morse, you live it.' Today 'The mos... read more

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