(Note: this listing contains spoilers). The domestic VHS release of the film settled for a short synopsis to pitch the film: Tom Garfield (John Waters), a brilliant Australian writer has at last ach... read more

Based on a real story, Cathy (Michele Fawdon) is a Maltese national, married to an Australian Greek. Cathy approaches Sydney newspapermen Dick Wordley (Alan Cassell) and The Sun's Hot Line editor Pa... read more

Twelve year old Sean (Robert Bettles) is dying of leukaemia, with only a few months to live, and his blue-collar dad Casey (John Meillon) decides he'll brighten his life up by granting him three wishe... read more

The Australian VHS slick had this pitch: From the heart of Rock 'n' Roll comes a story that will touch your soul ... And this short synopsis: 'High Tide' is a bitter sweet story of love lost and f... read more

magic pudding

(Note: this listing contains spoilers). The RCA Columbia Pictures Hoyts VHS slick made a pitch to the female demographic with A love that becomes a consuming obsession: A very real story of one fami... read more

Cultured, repressed, spinsterish, middle-aged American businesswoman Mary Horton (Piper Laurie) is now living and working in Australia, with a nice beach house retreat fronting Palm Beach, and a likin... read more

Jack and Jill: a postscript
Anti-hero Anthony Ward on his bike, but it's not The Wild One