Tasmanian around 1830. An Aboriginal camp in Van Diemen's Land. In a skirmish with European soldiers who are attempting to drive the Aborigines into one corner of the island, Manganinnie (Mawuyul Ha... read more

magic pudding

In a brief pre-credit sequence, a government bureaucrat, Porky (Mr Trotter, played by Wallas Eaton) tells his underlings, including Menial (John Cobley) that a floating steam kettle of a boat, an eigh... read more

golden chook

The domestic VHS release of the film tempted viewers on the front cover with: “Saturated with sleet, carpeted with snow, and blanketed in mist simply surviving is a triumph, starring Chris Haywa... read more

Four English orphans migrate to Tasmania to live on a farm in the wild Tasmanian bush with their aunt, Jandie (Barbara Manning). But when their aunt becomes sick and goes to hospital, the children ar... read more

Eileen Joyce was a concert pianist with a forceful, direct style, who achieved international recognition, but who started life as a child in the Tasmanian bush and on the Kalgoorlie, Western Australia... read more

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