Norman (Tony Owen) is a sensitive, precocious 13-year-old preparing for his Bar Mitzvah which will signal his entry into Jewish manhood.  We first sight Norman catching racing out of a private s... read more

An early example of a drama with documentary elements, or vice versa, and in the Australian version, a dramadoc where Ken G. Hall and his First National Pictures boss John C. Jones used a "waste not w... read more

Sydney in the years of the federal Labor Whitlam government, around 1975 in its decaying moments of power ... Twenty nine year old Fran (Judy Morris) is heading towards thirty and an emotional crisis... read more

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Section 27A of the Queensland Mental Health act allowed hospital authorities to hold an inmate until they decide he can be released. When Bill Donald (Robert McDarra), a middle aged metho drinker, is... read more

The three segments in the trilogy had relatively little thematic or stylistic connection, apart from what might be called the Commonwealth Film Unit's - the federal government's production a... read more

An observational documentary which looked at Sydney's first community Aboriginal radio station, Radio Redfern. The official pitch for the film ran something like this: Set against the backdrop of con... read more

Barrington Bradman Bing "Barry" or "Bazza" McKenzie (Barry Crocker) is a dinkum true blue Australian - he earned seven hundred quid working on the Snowy Mountains Opera House scheme - who is left $2,0... read more

The film begins by showing a derelict house surrounded by modern buildings. While various subversive texts are read aloud on the soundtrack, the images show a clock being linked to explosives, a smok... read more

In the pre-credits sequence, unwise sixteen year old Alison Findlay (Joanne Samuel) makes the mistake of playing with an ouija board, with a couple of friends, Chrissie (Margie McCrae) and Maureen (Ju... read more

Noel Ferrier is the manager of a Queensland island resort, while Number 96's Johnny Lockwood is an eccentric priest with a nude "mum" tattoed on his belly who turns out to be a thief. Stuart "Waggers... read more

golden chook

The Shiralee
An Austin moment