The Australian VHS slick pushed the notion of “Music by Dear Enemy” and “Living Fast …Dying Young!” on the front cover, and on the rear cover a couple of quotes “T... read more

The film begins with an English lad with a broad English accent, Normie (Terry Bentley) explaining to a larger boy from Mudgee, Tony (Peter Couldwell), how the bush might be a different country for al... read more

It's Cain v. Abel on the Gold Coast as karate-loving, pop rock band-managing Steve (Joss McWilliam) decides he'll compete with iron man brother Adam (Colin Friels) in a bid to win a triaquathon, the C... read more

golden chook

The pitch for the film: Paul was looking for work... Joe was looking for drugs ... Leilani was looking for good times ... Larry was looking for Leilani. They all ended up in ... Palm Beach ... ... read more

magic pudding

As the voice over opening narration explains: There were three main sections of Cronulla beach. South Cronulla, North Cronulla and Greenhills. Everyone was trying to make it to Greenhills. That's whe... read more

magic pudding

Four young men (John Jarratt as Sandy, Phillip Avalon as Robbie, Steve Bisley as Boo and Mel Gibson as Scollop) hit the road in their old Chevy, and head up the coast for a weekend of surfing and fun,... read more

The following is adapted from the film's press kit: Stewart "PC" Simpson (Tom Burlinson) is heir to the Simpson Engineering Empire, but, much to his father Stewart Simpson Senior's (Charles 'Bud' Tin... read more

They Found a Cave
A wood heap wood chopping moment