Two ex-Vietnam commandos (John Hargreaves, Grant Page) are now working as stunt men for television drama and commercials. They're recruited by a government security organisation run by Culpepper (No... read more

(Note: this listing contains spoilers, and images some might consider gross). The original Australian Premiere VHS release had the logline "In the absence of James Bond and Indiana Jones, Les Patters... read more

golden chook

A Czech scientist Professor Marnelle (Lou Vernon) and his attractive daughter Elsa (Katrin Rosselle) escape the clutches of the Gestapo and flee to Australia. The scientist has unwittingly discovered... read more

When a defecting Russian diplomat is murdered in Hong Kong, before he can tell his story to famous author Max Foster (Carl Betz), Foster attempts to get hold of the diplomat's diary. This is supposed... read more

golden chook

The story concerns an attempt by fifth columnists to gain control of Australia's supplies of wolfram, a mineral used in the manufacture of munitions, involving a new wolfram field owned by  Franc... read more

Wherever She Goes