1901, Pietersburg, Transvaal. Lt. Harry 'Breaker' Morant (Edward Woodward) and two other officers of the Bushveldt Carbineers, Lt. Peter Handcock (Bryan Brown), and Lt. George Whitton (Lewis Fitz-Ge... read more

magic pudding

Based on Colin Thiele's novel of the same name, Blue Fin was the SAFC's follow up to its successful family film Storm Boy. Greg Rowe, who starred in Storm Boy, returns to play eleven year old 'Snook... read more

Sometime in the not too distant future. The world is more like Mad Max, and sex is associated with violence in a totalitarian future which sees women presented for the entertainment and comfort of me... read more

golden chook

(left: directors Scott Hicks and Kim McKenzie). A young photographer Simon Jess (David Cameron) is given an assignment to shoot some backgrounds for a fashion display in the Snowy Mountains. Relucta... read more

The Filmpac domestic VHS release pitched the film on the front cover as “She uncovered a place where ancient mysteries survive … and nightmares are real,” and then on the rear of th... read more

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(Note: this listing is about an Ozploitation film, and as well as many spoilers, it contains images of animal and sexual cruelty some might find offensive). Grim and sinister images of 'roo hunters s... read more

The domestic RCA/Columbia/Hoyts VHS cover pitched the film as “A hot chase across the outback”, though the film didn’t feature much by way of a hot chase, or mud-caked, sunburnt, dea... read more

Twelve year old Sean (Robert Bettles) is dying of leukaemia, with only a few months to live, and his blue-collar dad Casey (John Meillon) decides he'll brighten his life up by granting him three wishe... read more

The movie, and maybe life, starts as an arcade video game for Ron (Jon Blake), one of the few pleasures he has, and even that's interrupted by his yahoo mate Phil (Chris Haywood). Ron is an angry you... read more

The Middle East, Palestine, 1947. Two terrorists plant mines in a vineyard, which kill an Israeli settler. As publicity for the show noted, the opening scenes are "a world away from present-day Aust... read more

golden chook

The Squatter's Daughter
Koala action