An early example of a drama with documentary elements, or vice versa, and in the Australian version, a dramadoc where Ken G. Hall and his First National Pictures boss John C. Jones used a "waste not w... read more

The NFSA’s DVD release calls the film “an early Australian silent melodrama depicting historical events on the Young district goldfields, then known as Lambing Flat." But the film might e... read more

golden chook

When the NFSA originally released a short version on VHS, the front of the slick pitched the show as “Syd Nicholls’ Fatty Finn cartoon creations brought to life for the silent screen,&rdqu... read more

magic pudding

(Left: with the original main title lost, the restoration of the film used a later NFSA poster - with the key image derived from contemporary advertising - for its main title). The Adelaide press, in... read more

Brown bomber envelopes aka parking tickets