The AFTRS in its online presentation of the film here offered this Logline: Lives in the Suburbs  The AFTRS site also had this very short synopsis: Watching TV. Driving Around. Eating pean... read more

(Note: this film, and so this listing, deals with young people becoming aware of their sexuality, incest and an unwanted pregnancy. The film was rated M in Australia, but if any of these concepts dist... read more

Ray Marshall plays a hospital patient who starts a fire when he throws a cigarette-end down a linen chute. Jeanie Drynan plays a senior nurse, and Mark Edwards a hospital orderly who fills in the nig... read more

(Note: this listing contains spoilers). The film starts with voice over by Julie (Jill Delaney) which sets the minimalist plot running as she rides on her Ducati 750 into Melbourne: Julie (V/O): I&r... read more

A 'parapsychocomical' look at the production of Australia's newest prestige feature, Weekend of Summer Last, a film that deals realistically with the power of the indigenous supernatural. (Synopsis in... read more

The film starts with Ibrahim makes sense of it. Ibrahim is practising yoga in his girlfriend’s studio and an old fashioned Film Australia/ABC narrator slowly, awkwardly reads from the text in on... read more

Peel, which opens with the title "An Exercise In Discipline," features a triangular family of red-heads - Tim, brother and father (Tim Pye); Katie, sister and aunt, (Katie Pye); and Ben, son and ... read more

Mad Max