(Note: this listing and synopsis contains spoilers). In a prologue, a domestic kelpie farm dog hears the call of a dingo, and rushes to the fence to mate with the cry of the wild ... Tom Lincoln (Bi... read more

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A Nation is Built was a sponsored drama documentary celebrating the 150th. (sesquicentenary) celebrations of the state of New South Wales, made by assembling images from all over the state, "from the ... read more

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In 1954, recently crowned Queen Elizabeth II and HRH the Duke of Edinburgh embarked on a two month tour of Australia. It involved some 10,000 miles of travel by air and 4,000 miles by land and sea. T... read more

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Plucky strong-willed Joan Enderby (Jocelyn Howarth), with her lame brother Jimmie (Owen Ainsley) runs a sheep station, Enderby, and is involved in a tussle with a rival station, Waratah, which - in th... read more

They're a Weird Mob
A Les Girls moment