A scientist finds a cocoon. An idealised woman emerges from it. She is harassed by two faceless monsters who are collecting specimens for a museum. She and the scientist make love on a vast stretch of... read more

The original domestic VHS slick offered this short synopsis: As Time Goes By is a science fiction comedy about a bizarre encountre between a knockabout surfer and an alien, set in the Australian outb... read more

The problems begin with WALDO, or the Western Atomic Longterm Dumping Organisation ... When an earthquake in Western Australia fractures a nuclear waste dumping ground, Heinrich (Ross Thompson), a Ge... read more

(Note: this listing and synopsis contains spoilers) Crabs (playwright Ned Manning, his character nicknamed after the STD pubic lice he thought he once had) is the younger brother of Frank (former rug... read more

magic pudding

A satirical comedy done in science fiction fantasy style. A teacher (Michael Eckersall) reminds his class, and the viewer, of the outcome of the 1990 class wars, which saw the middle class triumph an... read more

golden chook

The original domestic Filmpac VHS release started with WARNING: destruction … mutilation … stranger … deadly companion at the top of the front slick. and then on the back page off... read more

In a few years time, wild outlaws roam the range, stealing petrol to fuel their wheels ... In this lawless, broken, violent society, the cops wear leather, drive souped up vehicles of their own, carr... read more

magic pudding

Voice over, over black, then images of Mad Max in a desolate future landscape, then images of times past in the oil age, stock footage of war, rioting and anarchy, then footage from the first Mad Max,... read more

magic pudding

The original domestic synopsis released by Roadshow to the press, with a few cast names added. It contains spoilers: Many years have passed and we now find Max (Mel Gibson) wandering across the deser... read more

The domestic VHS release of the film offered a couple of quotes: “An impressive epic… Ward has created and astounding master work” (sic) Hollywood Reporter and “Electrifying... read more

Koya No Toseinin