Jack (Bill Hunter) and Gary (Gary Foley), a young Aborigine troubled by a failed relationship with his white wife, steal a 1962 Pontiac Parisienne and hit the road looking for adventure. They steal ri... read more

magic pudding

The movie, and maybe life, starts as an arcade video game for Ron (Jon Blake), one of the few pleasures he has, and even that's interrupted by his yahoo mate Phil (Chris Haywood). Ron is an angry you... read more

Texas (Joseph Bottoms) is an American carnie hand, and Alby (Grigor Taylor) is an Australian tent boxer. After Tex is kicked off the shooting gallery for dallying with a teenager (Christine Amor), a... read more

Tony (Richard Moir), of second generation Greek descent, has just spent six years in Pentridge prison in Melbourne after an armed hold-up. When his old crim mates begin to ask - in violent ways - wh... read more

Voice over, over black, then images of Mad Max in a desolate future landscape, then images of times past in the oil age, stock footage of war, rioting and anarchy, then footage from the first Mad Max,... read more

magic pudding

The original domestic synopsis released by Roadshow to the press, with a few cast names added. It contains spoilers: Many years have passed and we now find Max (Mel Gibson) wandering across the deser... read more

Larry (Glenn Mason), Warren (Chris Haywood) and Tony (George Spartels) are three friends living the industrialised western suburbs of Sydney, bored by their lives and the kind of work available to the... read more

Oz (aka a 'rock 'n roll movie) uses the same narrative structure as The Wizard of Oz, derived from L. Frank Baum's novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, but has its own distinct Australian elements, ... read more

Pat Quid (Stacy Keach) is a truckie who pulls his 16 wheel rig up outside a motel in Melbourne, in search for a room for the night, only to be irritated by a van driver who has picked up an attractive... read more

After an illegal car race in a Sydney street goes wrong, a Holden Monaro flames out, and the bystanders scuttle away as the cops arrive. The evil Fox (Richard Moir) has had another win, though he can... read more

The True Story of Eskimo Nell