Bradley Morahan (James Mason), a successful Australian artist in the grip of alimony, decides to leave the high pressure New York art scene behind, and heads for a run down shack on an island off the ... read more

magic pudding

Noel Ferrier is the manager of a Queensland island resort, while Number 96's Johnny Lockwood is an eccentric priest with a nude "mum" tattoed on his belly who turns out to be a thief. Stuart "Waggers... read more

golden chook

(Note: this listing and synopsis contains spoilers). The suburbs of Brisbane, Queensland, where white-shirted Mormons ride bikes in search of converts and armies of men mow lawns and wash cars in uni... read more

The original domestic VHS Premiere release went with the beheading scene, and “The devastating controversial true story” and “Even in war, murder is an unforgivable crime” on t... read more

(Note: this listing contains spoilers throughout). The US VHS release went with “The last full moon you’ll ever see” on the front, while on the back of the pre-order trade release, ... read more

golden chook

(Note: this synopsis and listing contains spoilers). Sapphire-grubbing Mike (Colin Friels) gets the show underway by wildly fornicating with Stella (Kris McQuade). Mike is buddies with partner grubb... read more

golden chook

(Note: this listing and synopsis contains spoilers) The small (fictional) country town of Tullageal in Queensland some time in the 1950s, as a story of a bush Christmas unfolds over a couple of weeks... read more

The film struck a chord in the USA, and the US VHS covers tried a variety of angles. There were quotes from the critics:  “An Absolute Delight!” - New York Times “The fun... read more

It's Cain v. Abel on the Gold Coast as karate-loving, pop rock band-managing Steve (Joss McWilliam) decides he'll compete with iron man brother Adam (Colin Friels) in a bid to win a triaquathon, the C... read more

golden chook

(Note: this listing contains spoilers and images of deceased Aboriginal people). The synopsis for the US release of the film on VHS and laserdisc, with the tag line Death is only one bite away: Pani... read more

The Shiralee
A country town pub moment