The film begins by showing a derelict house surrounded by modern buildings. While various subversive texts are read aloud on the soundtrack, the images show a clock being linked to explosives, a smok... read more

The film’s domestic VHS release pitched the line “Terrorism and counter-terrorism - two sides of the same coin” on the front cover, and on the back cover “In Australian, people... read more

(Left: Juliet Bacskai as The Woman watches television, while on the right, Rod McNicol as The Man, reads Wilhelm Reich) The film begins with a scene which Scott Murray describes as "elliptical" betwe... read more

(Note: this listing and synopsis contains spoilers). The suburbs of Brisbane, Queensland, where white-shirted Mormons ride bikes in search of converts and armies of men mow lawns and wash cars in uni... read more

Steve (Jon Blake) is a seaside park ranger who fled his high country mountain men home to escape his tough dad Frank Mitchell (Mark Albison). He's busy putting out fires started by yobbos, and upsetti... read more

golden chook

Dad Rudd (Bert Bailey) knows that the small farmers in his district need improvements to the dam that's vital to their welfare, but a wealthy grazier, Henry Webster (Frank Harvey), uses his influence ... read more

magic pudding

The film starts out as a homage to the thriller genre with a violent ex-cop (Peter Whittle) on a search for his missing partner, but when he runs into an anarchist drug pusher Plastic Man (Peter Cummi... read more

Joe Slater (Joe James), the Australian Defence Minister, has organised an Asian security conference in Canberra, with Thao Kimalayo (Kenneth Tsang) a leading political player, who lands in Sydney and ... read more

Don (John Hargreaves), failed novelist and schoolteacher, and wife Kath (Jeanie Drynan) throw an election day party on the 25th October 1969, hoping to celebrate the first Labor party victory since th... read more

magic pudding

Eureka Stockade tells the story of the rebellion against taxes on the Ballarat goldfields which erupted in violence between miners and police and military personnel on December 3rd 1854. Some twenty ... read more

You Can't See 'Round Corners
When anti-hero Ken Shorter has freak-outs, he experiences them by period distorting lens moments which are a treat for cine buffs