The Australian VHS release led off with “Winner of 8 awards Venice Film Festival including Jury Prize Best Film 1990 ... Sydney Film Festival” and a quote from the Melbourne Herald: &ldquo... read more

magic pudding

(Note: this synopsis and listing contains spoilers). Australia 1911. The Hunter Valley in New South Wales. Young Teddy Boyd (Robert Bettles) is driving a buggy through the Hunter Valley country... read more

(left: the title used in the film's trailer - the film's main title is over black, with the barest hints of figures at Gallipoli. It's dull, which helps explain why the trailer-makers took a later sho... read more

Caddie tells the story of a Sydney woman, Caddie, (Helen Morse) in the late nineteen twenties, early thirties, as she leaves an adulterous, violent husband, and finds work as a barmaid to support hers... read more

The original First Release VHS slick lead off with “When imagination merges with reality Fantasty becomes a dangerous game …!" on the front, and on the rear a couple of quotes: “A ... read more

magic pudding

(Note: this listing contains spoilers throughout). Some disc and tape slicks went with the logline “A time for dreams … A time for choices … A time that would never come again. Th... read more

The original Roadshow VHS release went with “some rules were meant to be broken,” and on the front cover showed Charlie Schlatter kissing Kylie Minogue’s outstretched neck, along wit... read more

Sydney, Australia, 1836. Buxom girl (Abigail) is in bed with caddish, womanising Captain Rory McBryde (John Castle), to the consternation of Martin Cameron (Gerard Kennedy) and that means trouble mu... read more

golden chook

The UK DVD release pitches the film as “The epic tale of one girl’s struggle into womanhood” on the front cover and on the back offers a short synopsis: ‘Emma’s War&rsqu... read more

The pitch on the slick for the first domestic VHS Roadshow release: Everything is worth sacrificing … for love alone. The time - the early 1930s. The woman - Teresa Hawkins, 20. Her occupat... read more