The story is set on a South Pacific island and concerns the unmasking of a mysterious raider of pearling schooners belonging to an island trading firm. The son of the owner (James Alexander) is sent ... read more

(Note: this listing contains spoilers). Ted King (Chips Rafferty) is a pearler in the Torres Straits, and when he finds a body floating in the sea, it leads him to discover a racket involving illegal... read more

Daubenny Carshott (Lloyd Hughes) is a London concert pianist who wants to woo ambitious socialite Stella Raff (Elaine Hamill). But when she sees a pearling display in a shop front, Stella insists he... read more

The film observes the working of pearl gatherers in the seas around Broome, a remote Australian town in the north west of Western Australia. The pearlers worked the seas from March to December, headi... read more

Alan Richards (Campbell Copelin) is the sole survivor of a pearling lugger wrecked on Pakema Reef during a typhoon. Richards decides, with the help of a mate (Joe Valli doing another Scotty character... read more

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