Director John Lamond had the simple idea of doing a straight rip of the film Mondo Cane, which presented a look at the weird, wonderful and way-out things around the world, by doing the same to the la... read more

Sometime in the not too distant future. The world is more like Mad Max, and sex is associated with violence in a totalitarian future which sees women presented for the entertainment and comfort of me... read more

golden chook

The US video slick pitched the film as "They're young, beautiful and looking for adventure", together with an extremely deceptive illustration, which depicted three scantily clad schoolgirls in a stat... read more

(Note: this listing is about an Ozploitation film, and as well as many spoilers, it contains images of animal and sexual cruelty some might find offensive). Grim and sinister images of 'roo hunters s... read more

The film was dubbed a young "Emmanuellette" story, tracing the adventures of Felicity Robinson and her sexual awakening in the exotic and erotic Orient. Felicity (Glory Annen) starts her education at... read more

(Note: this synopsis and listing contains spoilers) Australia, November 1974 ... Christine Lewis (Kerry Mack) is first spotted walking alongside a road. She's invited to take a ride in a carny truck... read more

Gordon Mason (Chard Hayward) is just your average Sydney northern beaches gardener and handyman, always ready with the mower, the chain saw and the garden shears. He's also something of a simpleton, ... read more

golden chook

In a few years time, wild outlaws roam the range, stealing petrol to fuel their wheels ... In this lawless, broken, violent society, the cops wear leather, drive souped up vehicles of their own, carr... read more

magic pudding

Kate Davis (Chantal Contouri) is kidnapped by a bizarre secret society, the Hyma Brotherhood, dedicated to bring modern industrial farming methods to the supply of blood for the modern vampire. Under... read more

A Town Like Alice
The actual filming in Alice only occupies the last six minutes of the show