On February 27th 1977 Swedish pop group ABBA turned up down under to deliver some eleven concerts in the cities of Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne, to a total audience reckoned to be some 145,00... read more

The Australian VHS (RCA Columbia Hoyts) worked hard at its pitch, with the front cover suggesting “Laura Branigan brings the sensuality and fire to her performance that has made her one of the m... read more

golden chook

A film record of Reg Livermore's successful one-man stage show, featuring characters and sketches centred around Bettyy Blokk-Buster, a bare-bummed German maid who entertained the troops during the wa... read more

Barney O'Hara (Will Mahoney) and his young daughter Pat (Jean Hatton) tour the carnival circuit with a side show act, but when Pat is asked to sing at a party being given by a wealthy land-owner, her ... read more

(Note: this listing contains spoilers and some of the vulgar language used in the film) When Network Entertainment packaged the film as one of their “Australian Classics”, the VHS slick f... read more

magic pudding

A compilation of short films and clips predominantly from the period 1931-32 from F. W. Thring's Efftee Film Productions, prepared by the National Film and Sound Archive and released on VHS in 1989. ... read more

A sampling of shorts, documentaries and other footage from the nineteen thirties produced by F. W. Thring's Efftee studio, compiled and released c. 1989 on VHS by the National Film and Sound Archive. ... read more

A theatrical sequel to the Terrible Ten television series, the story concerns a group of country children from Wallaby Creek trying to save their headquarters, an old woolshed, from demolition (the sh... read more

George (George Wallace) is an inept, disaster-prone attendant at the zoo, prone to monkeying around with the gorilla and playing with the elephant. While monkeying around with chemicals, he accident... read more

(Left: Christopher Edgell annnounces his name, and the title of the film, "Good Afternoon", for the two screen 16mm documentary presentation of the 1971 Canberra arts festival). Director Phillip ("Ne... read more

A Town Like Alice