(Left: one of the few surviving photographs from the production) This film isn't known without, or even fully within, the National Film and Sound Archive, and is only included for the sake of complet... read more

(Note: this synopsis and listing contains spoilers). Sapphire-grubbing Mike (Colin Friels) gets the show underway by wildly fornicating with Stella (Kris McQuade). Mike is buddies with partner grubb... read more

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Eureka Stockade tells the story of the rebellion against taxes on the Ballarat goldfields which erupted in violence between miners and police and military personnel on December 3rd 1854. Some twenty ... read more

The flashpoint of the title refers to the imbalance between men and women - fifty to one - in a mining town in the north west of Western Australia. David (Serge Lazareff) arrives in town and befriend... read more

Tarzan (Gerard Kennedy) is the last of the knucklemen, a tough guy who runs his world of wild cat miners in a desert landscape with an iron fist. Around him are clustered a variety of losers - Tassi... read more

A Nation is Built was a sponsored drama documentary celebrating the 150th. (sesquicentenary) celebrations of the state of New South Wales, made by assembling images from all over the state, "from the ... read more

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This is the synopsis used by sales agent Southern Star for the film (cast names have been added): We are in Mirribilli, a nickel-mining town in Western Australia. Meg Blake (Googie Withers), owner of... read more

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In 1954, recently crowned Queen Elizabeth II and HRH the Duke of Edinburgh embarked on a two month tour of Australia. It involved some 10,000 miles of travel by air and 4,000 miles by land and sea. T... read more

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Tahiti. An ambitious woman Dominique (Andrea Parisy) pushes her weak-willed husband George Rancourt (Richard Basehart) to double cross their boss George Buchanan (Edmond O'Brien). Dominique bumps u... read more

The US VHS release pitched the film on the front cover as “An offbeat, unpredictable comedy,” backed up by a quote from “Siskel & Ebert”: “A real winner, a true surpr... read more

Color Me Dead