(Note: this synopsis and listing contains spoilers) Terry Regan (Charles 'Bud' Tingwell) receives a call-up notice for the Australian Navy at his home "Greenacres" in Camden, N.S.W., soon after World... read more

A reformed thief (Douglas Stuart) marries a wealthy socialite but is tormented by a former accomplice who tries to frame him for murder. read more

(Left: one of the few surviving photographs from the production) This film isn't known without, or even fully within, the National Film and Sound Archive, and is only included for the sake of complet... read more

(Note: this listing contains spoilers). Violin-playing, musical John Ainsworth (Lloyd Hughes) helps Sydney University win a rowing race against Melbourne University. He celebrates in a night club by... read more

(Note: this synopsis and listing contains spoilers) Sydney, Australia, in the time of the great depression. PS (Nicholas Gledhill) is a six year old boy living with his working class aunt Lila (Roby... read more

magic pudding

Embedded within the drama is a survey of Australia from early colonial days - the times of Governor Phillip and Governor Macquarie (Norman France) - to scenic views of Australia, three generations lat... read more

golden chook magic pudding

(Note: this listing contains spoilers). The RCA Columbia Pictures Hoyts VHS slick made a pitch to the female demographic with A love that becomes a consuming obsession: A very real story of one fami... read more

The Australian outback, the 1880s. English adventurer Richard Connor (Peter Lawford) poses as the long-lost son of old cattleman Maguire (Finlay Currie). Connor's ruthless companion Gamble (Richard ... read more

golden chook

Two women and eight men are ship-wrecked on a South Pacific island, amongst them leading man Brian Abbot (playing Morris Carthew), and heroine Jean Laidley (playing Audrey Challoner). Amongst them is ... read more

Number 96 begins with the rape of Vera (Elaine Lee) by bikies after her car runs out of petrol on an empty road. It concludes with a gay sex scene, a woman being driven mad by her husband, with his g... read more

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