A romance set in the world of the sport of kings. The Curzons are a racehorse breeding family, who need to strengthen their blood stock to re-establish a fading reputation. When they purchase a champ... read more

California, April 1932.  Perry Stables, Menlo Park, California. Strapper turned trainer Tommy Woodcock (Tom Burlinson), with the help of his mate 'Cashy' Martin (Richard Morgan), goes about the ... read more

magic pudding

Joan (Helen Twelvetrees) is a Canadian, adopted by Ma Dawson (Nellie Ferguson), a struggling horse breeder and trainer. Joan thinks "legs don't make a race horse, it's blood", and so she buys an unw... read more

(Left: with the original main title lost, the restoration of the film used a later NFSA poster - with the key image derived from contemporary advertising - for its main title). The Adelaide press, in... read more

A snake-bite moment