2000 Weeks takes its title from its hero's calculation that he has 2000 weeks left in his life to fulfil himself creatively. A semi-autobiographical work by director Tim Burstall, it paints Australia ... read more

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This is a record of a stage performance of the popular play by Jack Hibberd about a wedding reception in the Victorian country town of Dimboola. In the theatrical version, audience interaction is enc... read more

The film’s domestic VHS release pitched the line “Terrorism and counter-terrorism - two sides of the same coin” on the front cover, and on the back cover “In Australian, people... read more

Alvin Purple (Graeme Blundell) is a quiet, urban Australian male who finds himself the unlikely object of female lust. The film tracks him from his schooldays through early jobs - water-bed salesman,... read more

In this sequel to the sex comedy romp Alvin Purple, Graham Blundell reprises his role as a man irresistibly attractive to women. His peculiar charm disrupts his search for a steady job, but when... read more

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(Note: this listing and synopsis contains spoilers). Brentwood hospital, State Health Commission, Melbourne in the late 1970s. Over a track through cots lined up like prison cells in a sterile white... read more

(Left: Juliet Bacskai as The Woman watches television, while on the right, Rod McNicol as The Man, reads Wilhelm Reich) The film begins with a scene which Scott Murray describes as "elliptical" betwe... read more

The Australian VHS (RCA Columbia Hoyts) worked hard at its pitch, with the front cover suggesting “Laura Branigan brings the sensuality and fire to her performance that has made her one of the m... read more

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After a nuclear holocaust has descended on Melbourne (the one after the one that caused the chaos in On the Beach), the staff and patients of a mental hospital seek refuge in a bunker, but then are ac... read more

The pitch on the US VHS slick: It started with a bizarre double suicide. It ended with a series of murdered prostitutes. But a piece of the puzzle is still missing. The Big Hurt is a gripping and ch... read more

Bush Christmas (1947)