Jenny Grey (Cathryn Harrison) is a country girl who is horse mad, and who dreams of becoming a show jumper. But her father (Lloyd Cunnington) is embittered by the death of his wife in a riding acciden... read more

(Note: this synopsis and listing contains spoilers). Australia 1911. The Hunter Valley in New South Wales. Young Teddy Boyd (Robert Bettles) is driving a buggy through the Hunter Valley country... read more

(Note: this listing and synopsis contains spoilers) The small (fictional) country town of Tullageal in Queensland some time in the 1950s, as a story of a bush Christmas unfolds over a couple of weeks... read more

The original ABC television serial Bellbird presented scenes from daily country life, and the movie spin-off is more of the same, with the, by then very familiar, soap show characters going about thei... read more

A romance set in the world of the sport of kings. The Curzons are a racehorse breeding family, who need to strengthen their blood stock to re-establish a fading reputation. When they purchase a champ... read more

Mr. Chedworth (Cecil Kellaway) is a mild-mannered clerk, who is underpaid by his employer, and abused by his wife Julia (Rita Pauncefort) for lacking enterprise, and he's also exploited by his son Art... read more

Dad (Bert Bailey) and Mum (Alfreda Bevan) and their family take up a selection of land, and at the start of the show we experience the joy of a bushland symphony. But the family also suffers the hear... read more

magic pudding

California, April 1932.  Perry Stables, Menlo Park, California. Strapper turned trainer Tommy Woodcock (Tom Burlinson), with the help of his mate 'Cashy' Martin (Richard Morgan), goes about the ... read more

magic pudding

Bluey (George Lloyd) and Darkie (Joe Valli) are first world war veterans who save an ailing racehorse from destruction. The pair use potions applied to camels during the war to bring the horse back t... read more

(Note: this listing contains spoilers) The Village Roadshow VHS release pitched the film as “He lived for speed … and loved for life”, and “To fulfil his dream, he will give ... read more

Barry McKenzie Holds His Own