John D. Lamond followed up his "mondo" exploitationer Australia After Dark with a more conventional Swedish-style sexploitationer, aimed at the then flourishing (in Australia in the 1970s) r... read more

Director John Lamond had the simple idea of doing a straight rip of the film Mondo Cane, which presented a look at the weird, wonderful and way-out things around the world, by doing the same to the la... read more

After a few patients have hesitated at the door, a seriously hungover Eric (Chris Haywood), a doctor at a VD clinic, rocks into the office in jeans and ratty shirt, to be greeted by kindly counsellor ... read more

(Note: this listing contains adult concepts and spoilers) The Flashback Entertainment DVD slick for the film offered a rather tame logline “Nobody is who or what they seem to be …”... read more

golden chook

(Note: this film contains R-rated film adult language, concepts and pictures, which are referenced on this site. This listing also contains detailed spoilers). The Umbrella collector’s edition ... read more

An advertising agency head choses a shy young man (Graeme Blundell) to conduct a survey on sex in Australia. He looks at homosexuality, transvestites, pornography, permissiveness, pack rape, prostitu... read more

A child, Cathy (director Lamond's daughter Jenny Lamond) finds her father (Bryon Williams) in bed with a blonde (Angela Menzies-Wills), and a month later intervenes when she notices her mother kissing... read more

Oz (aka a 'rock 'n roll movie) uses the same narrative structure as The Wizard of Oz, derived from L. Frank Baum's novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, but has its own distinct Australian elements, ... read more

In a story with plots and sub-plots, the main character is Paul (Sean McEuan), a young artist drawn into the amoral world of Sydney's seedy, arty high society, known as "the set". Paul becomes the lo... read more

golden chook

The film, a polemical documentary, contains rare footage of the first Sydney Mardi Gras. It begins with a cursory look at the history of gay persecution and oppression, starting with the medieval use... read more

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Do a Melbourne railway station with period signage