Eureka Stockade tells the story of the rebellion against taxes on the Ballarat goldfields which erupted in violence between miners and police and military personnel on December 3rd 1854. Some twenty ... read more

Sandy Nelson (Charles Farrell) is a cocky adventurer and wanderer, a nomad who turns up at a sheep station and woos Jenny (Mary Maguire) but who, on their wedding night, deserts her. Sandy ends up w... read more

The Hemdale US VHS pitched the film as An Adventurous New Vision of Dicken's (sic) Unforgettable Classic! and provided this synopsis for the telemovie version: The Unforgettable characters of Charles... read more

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Embedded within the drama is a survey of Australia from early colonial days - the times of Governor Phillip and Governor Macquarie (Norman France) - to scenic views of Australia, three generations lat... read more

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A Nation is Built was a sponsored drama documentary celebrating the 150th. (sesquicentenary) celebrations of the state of New South Wales, made by assembling images from all over the state, "from the ... read more

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(Left: advertisement for Singleton screening, 23rd June 1937, Singleton Argus) May 1936. Sydney businessman H. V. Foy sets out on an expedition to central Australia, to investigate the claim by Harr... read more

1865, Australia. The Marston brothers, Dick (Ronald Lewis) and Jim (David McCallum) become involved in a life of crime via their ex-convict father Ben (Laurence Naismith), and his friend, the notori... read more

(Left: advertisement for the film in the Brisbane Courier Mail, 30th November 1934, commencing the next day in a double bill with Where Sinners Meet). The Hon. Montmoroncy Ralston (Frank Leighton) is... read more

(Left: in lieu of a film poster, the poster for the play version). A musical re-telling of the Eureka Stockade, the rebellion of gold miners against government regulation and taxes at Ballarat in Vic... read more

After a brush with the tailoring game, life-saving, and selling vacuum-cleaners, Mo (Roy Rene), along with his sidekick Donald (Alex McKinnon), forms a friendship with a small girl Miriam Burnett ("ba... read more

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