Sydney in the years of the federal Labor Whitlam government, around 1975 in its decaying moments of power ... Twenty nine year old Fran (Judy Morris) is heading towards thirty and an emotional crisis... read more

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(Note: this listing is about an Ozploitation film, and as well as many spoilers, it contains images of animal and sexual cruelty some might find offensive). Grim and sinister images of 'roo hunters s... read more

The late eighteenth century in the penal colony of Australia. Elizabeth Harrington (Jeune Pritchard) is the refined daughter of a judge-advocate. Confronted by the sight of twelve women convicts who a... read more

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(Left: Lorna Lesley with Martin Vaughan in Just Out of Reach) Loosely based on writer director Linda Blagg's own experiences, the story concerns a young woman Cathy (Lorna Lesley), who attempts suici... read more

Judy Davis stars as Sybylla Melvyn, the headstrong eldest daughter of an impoverished New South Wales farming family, dreaming of a writing career while her drought-destroyed father (Alan Hopgood) and... read more

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Advertising man and wannabe novelist Ian Clarke (Robert Coleby) is having lunch at the surrounds of the Opera House on a bright sunny day - as everyone does in bright sunny Sydney - with his mate Kent... read more

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The original Columbia-Tristar-Hoyts VHS release offered the tag line "She rode into the heart of a sexual battleground ... a town with a secret SHAME", and "The most powerful movie this year!" on the ... read more

Ruth Cracknell plays Mrs Bilson, an elderly woman who is treated as a simple-minded invalid by her family (especially the domineering Mrs Herbert, played by Jude Kuring). Occasionally Mrs Bilson esca... read more

Tired of a frustrating health and exercise freak boyfriend, Juliet Cavanagh-Forbes (Barbara Stephens) and her son Andy (Adam Fernance) flee to Wilgunyah where she buys a ballet school. From the momen... read more

(Left: with the original main title lost, the restoration of the film used a later NFSA poster - with the key image derived from contemporary advertising - for its main title). The Adelaide press, in... read more

The Adventures of Barry McKenzie