(Left: the main title is spread over two cards, with the presence of a comma indicating it's meant to be read as one)   South East Asia. In an animal compound in the Malayan Jungle, award-winni... read more

(Note: this listing contains spoilers). The story concerns a scientist Bill Stewart (Dibs Mather) who heads to Fiji to investigate the Crown of Thorns turning up on the island reefs. His son Tim (S... read more

Australia in the 1880s. Barney, a young boy (twelve year old Brett Maxworthy), a wombat called Amanda and an Irish convict Rafe (Sean Kramer) are the sole survivors of a shipwreck. The trio set out... read more

The producer company's logline for the telemovie: Join Blinky Bill and his friends as they celebrate the magic of a traditional European White Christmas in the Australian Bush. Extraordinary! The pr... read more

Based on Colin Thiele's novel of the same name, Blue Fin was the SAFC's follow up to its successful family film Storm Boy. Greg Rowe, who starred in Storm Boy, returns to play eleven year old 'Snook... read more

Jenny Grey (Cathryn Harrison) is a country girl who is horse mad, and who dreams of becoming a show jumper. But her father (Lloyd Cunnington) is embittered by the death of his wife in a riding acciden... read more

(Note: this listing and synopsis contains spoilers) Australia, December 1891. In the run-up to Christmas, struggling sheep station wife Elizabeth O'Day (Dee Wallace Stone), one time from San Francis... read more

Doctors and Nurses is a gimmick film, a down under age reversal trick in the style of Alan Parker's 'Bugsy Malone'. A bunch of kids play the game of Doctors and Nurses - of the inoffensive dress-up ... read more

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Dot (voiced by Barbara Frawley) is the young daughter of an outback settler. When Dot gets lost in the bush, she makes friends with a big female kangaroo (voiced by Joan Bruce), who helps her to fin... read more

The Earthling begins with Patrick Foley (William Holden), after many years in the United States, returning to the remote Australian community where he started out in life. Dying of cancer, he announc... read more

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