The three segments in the trilogy had relatively little thematic or stylistic connection, apart from what might be called the Commonwealth Film Unit's - the federal government's production a... read more

The film starts out as a homage to the thriller genre with a violent ex-cop (Peter Whittle) on a search for his missing partner, but when he runs into an anarchist drug pusher Plastic Man (Peter Cummi... read more

(Note: this listing and synopsis contains spoilers, and language matching the film's adult concepts). Secondary school student Steve Carson (Rod Zuanic) is always in trouble, whether it's stealing eg... read more

The UK VHS release went with “In the world of Rock n’ Roll … A father becomes history … His son becomes a legend” on the front and back of the slick, along with a short... read more

When the film first hit DVD in the United States, the pitch was a straightforward one - on the front cover, “Danny is in for the biggest adventure of his life”, and “A young street k... read more

Inner city Melbourne in the late 1970s, early 1980s. Opening voice over by the character Nora during head credits: Sometimes, long afterwards, it's possible to look back and see the beginning of thi... read more

magic pudding

The pitch for the film: Paul was looking for work... Joe was looking for drugs ... Leilani was looking for good times ... Larry was looking for Leilani. They all ended up in ... Palm Beach ... ... read more

magic pudding

A look over twenty four hours at four assorted drug addicts, played by Garrie Waddell (Lou), John Laurie (John), Ann Heatherington (Sandy) and Carol Porter (Gerry) "careering about the dark places of ... read more

The very dotty front cover of the domestic VHS slick pitched “with music by Paul Kelly, Ganga Gang (sic), The Stetsons", and over a photo of Jo Kennedy “Are you for real … she said!... read more

(This synopsis contains spoilers). Having failed to become the Albert Schweitzer of Boliva, drug-addicted doctor David Truman (Richard Moir) travels via the United States, back to Melbourne, where he... read more

Star Struck