On February 27th 1977 Swedish pop group ABBA turned up down under to deliver some eleven concerts in the cities of Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne, to a total audience reckoned to be some 145,00... read more

John D. Lamond followed up his "mondo" exploitationer Australia After Dark with a more conventional Swedish-style sexploitationer, aimed at the then flourishing (in Australia in the 1970s) r... read more

The film’s domestic VHS release pitched the line “Terrorism and counter-terrorism - two sides of the same coin” on the front cover, and on the back cover “In Australian, people... read more

(Note: this listing and synopsis contains spoilers). Brentwood hospital, State Health Commission, Melbourne in the late 1970s. Over a track through cots lined up like prison cells in a sterile white... read more

Director John Lamond had the simple idea of doing a straight rip of the film Mondo Cane, which presented a look at the weird, wonderful and way-out things around the world, by doing the same to the la... read more

The film struck a chord in the USA, and the US VHS covers tried a variety of angles. There were quotes from the critics:  “An Absolute Delight!” - New York Times “The fun... read more

A visiting German professor (Kurt Beimel) assists a student of criminology (Peter Carmody), completing a thesis on mass murders committed in Melbourne. The pair visit the scenes of the crimes with a ... read more

The domestic Warners VHS release, using the Australian title of Evil Angels, started on the rear of the slick with Gene Shalit from "Today"/NBC-TV: "A gripping movie that doesn't let go!" and provided... read more

(Image:  a scene in Gentle Strangers) A short feature about the problems faced in Australia by Asian students, produced by the Federal film production agency Film Australia (previously called th... read more

Andy Johnson (Harry Abdy) is a farmer who's taken full advantage of mechanisation, while McDougal (Joe Valli) is hard-headed Scot who clings on to his antiquated farming methods and machinery. The st... read more

Duet for Four