A documentary about five people caught up in the Vietnamese war: three Australian soldiers, including an Aboriginal Australian, a Kampuchean man and a Vietnamese woman who ends up marrying one of the ... read more

An observational documentary which looked at Sydney's first community Aboriginal radio station, Radio Redfern. The official pitch for the film ran something like this: Set against the backdrop of con... read more

This is a record of a stage performance of the popular play by Jack Hibberd about a wedding reception in the Victorian country town of Dimboola. In the theatrical version, audience interaction is enc... read more

On February 27th 1977 Swedish pop group ABBA turned up down under to deliver some eleven concerts in the cities of Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne, to a total audience reckoned to be some 145,00... read more

Based on his detailed work Vietnam The Australian War, historian Paul Ham presents his view of the Vietnam war, focussing on the different approaches to the fighting and counter-insurgency tactics on ... read more

A drama documentary centred on Tom Kruse, a real life outback mailman who each fortnight in the nineteen fifties drives through the desert in an old truck to deliver supplies and mail to the isolated ... read more

magic pudding

A documentary film about the trial and execution of Australian soldiers Lt. Harry "the Breaker" Morant, and Lt. P.J. Handcock, arising from their murder of Boer prisoners and a German missionary durin... read more

(Left: note that the film's title spreads over four cards - "Castor", "and" "Pollux", and "a tale of two spiritual brothers") Trove, here, provides this brief synopsis: Controversial examinatio... read more

An observational documentary about playwright and writer David Williamson and his work. Excerpts from theatrical performances and films written by Williamson are also shown - including The Removalist... read more

A sampling of shorts, documentaries and other footage from the nineteen thirties produced by F. W. Thring's Efftee studio, compiled and released c. 1989 on VHS by the National Film and Sound Archive. ... read more

The Lost Islands