Set in the A.I.F. in France in 1918, and building up to the Battle of Bullecourt (see the AWM here and here, and a wiki here), the story revolves around two Australian cobbers, Chic Williams (Pat Hann... read more

A second serving of sketches from Pat Hanna's vaudeville-derived theatrical show Pat Hanna's Diggers, first featured on film in Diggers (1931), and once again recycling the sketch about diggers Chic W... read more

Three mates in the Australian light horse experience the war in Palestine. Here's one plot summary: "One of the trio had gone to the war for excitement; another because he thought he had killed a man... read more

The film celebrates the dash and derring do of three Anzacs in the Light Horse Brigade in the Sinai and Palestine campaigns during the first World War. The story opens with cruel German troops hangin... read more

magic pudding

Bluey (George Lloyd) and Darkie (Joe Valli) are first world war veterans who save an ailing racehorse from destruction. The pair use potions applied to camels during the war to bring the horse back t... read more

(Note: this listing and synopsis contains spoilers). The story of three men who join the A.I.F. at the start of the second world war, and end up in the siege of Tobruk, which held up the advance of R... read more

(Left: advertisement in The West Australian, 20th October 1934) Chic Williams (Pat Hanna) and his friend James Brown (Norman French) elude a private detective who's been following them, and head off ... read more

Bello Onesto Emigrato Australia Sposerebbe Compaesana Illibata
Sordi and Cardinale also have a Queensland parrot moment