A drama documentary centred on Tom Kruse, a real life outback mailman who each fortnight in the nineteen fifties drives through the desert in an old truck to deliver supplies and mail to the isolated ... read more

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Justin Bayard (Ken Wayne), a Northern Territory policeman, is given the job of taking an Aboriginal prisoner Emu Foot (Robert Tudawali), to Alice Springs to be tried for a tribal killing. Bayard is w... read more

Sandy Nelson (Charles Farrell) is a cocky adventurer and wanderer, a nomad who turns up at a sheep station and woos Jenny (Mary Maguire) but who, on their wedding night, deserts her. Sandy ends up w... read more

(Note: this listing contains significant spoilers). The slick for the Vestron Video International VHS release carried the pitch "One man holds the key to the hottest secret in our history", and "Thre... read more

(Note: this listing contains spoilers). A remote cattle station in the Northern Territory. A newly born Aboriginal baby is adopted by Sarah McMann (Betty Suttor) in place of her dead child. Sarah na... read more

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1901. A young trooper, Peterson (Konrad Matthaei) is sent to arrest an Arunta man (Kamahl) responsible for a tribal killing. When returning with his prisoner, his black tracker (Ed Devereaux as Jubba... read more

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The Australian outback, the 1880s. English adventurer Richard Connor (Peter Lawford) poses as the long-lost son of old cattleman Maguire (Finlay Currie). Connor's ruthless companion Gamble (Richard ... read more

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A young artist, Keichi Isomura (Tetsuya Watari) leaves Tokyo for the wide open spaces of Australia. He meets and falls in love with a Japanese girl, Saeko Yashiro (Chieko Matsubara), who cannot bring ... read more

(Left: advertisement for Singleton screening, 23rd June 1937, Singleton Argus) May 1936. Sydney businessman H. V. Foy sets out on an expedition to central Australia, to investigate the claim by Harr... read more

After a brush with the tailoring game, life-saving, and selling vacuum-cleaners, Mo (Roy Rene), along with his sidekick Donald (Alex McKinnon), forms a friendship with a small girl Miriam Burnett ("ba... read more

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